Collection service levels to suit your needs

If you're a large venue with 200 covers, or a small pub, we have a solution for you.
We offer 3 collection options for simplicity and to suit any budget.


As the name implies... we take care of everything. We'll monitor your bottle usage and collect regularly to ensure you have no disruption in service. Alongside the glass Eco-sand collection we'll take away any other more hazardous waste like broken crockery, used cooking oil and fat.


If your staff have available time out of service hours then this could be for you. Eco-sand can be simply filled into 25kg boxes and stored in a place easy for our drivers to collect. When you've collected a reasonable load, let us know and we'll come and collect it.
If you have other more hazardous waste we can collect that as well.


If you're a small venue or not within our current collection area then this is the solution for you. We'll provide all the training and equipment to allow you to remove the sharp-free Eco-sand for you to arrange your own collections.